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What we do

The 2023 device presented for the SensUs competition

Student-built diagnostic devices that are put to the test during the international SensUs student competition.

Neosense picture at a startup event

Collaborations with academia and industry to kickstart innovation such as the Neosens, a startup fighting neonatal sepsis.

The team booth for the EPFL 2023 open days

Outreach events to educate the public on the world of biosensing and academic conferences bringing together leaders in the field.

A Medtech Hub

Since 2017, EPFL students have been participating in SensUs, an international biosensing competition. To ensure the transfer of knowledge between iterations, we decided to found an officially recognized EPFL association!

The main activity of the association is to continue EPFL’s success at on the international stage. Every year, our competition team embarks on a 12-month journey during which the students gain hands-on experience in blood biomarker detection systems. Each iteration tackles a different pathology, resulting entrepreneurship opportunities as we also conduct in depth market research to find real-world applications for our devices.

2023 SenSwiss team working during the SensUs testing event
A team member working in the cleanroom

We are branching out into other forms of biosensing and are preparing the first ever BioSensing Days, an interdisciplinary conference bringing together academics from EPFL and abroad!

Join us in promoting biosensing at EPFL!

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