Sensus Competition

Every teams of the 2023 SensUs competition

The SensUs competition

The SensUs student competition is an international contest during which university student teams go head-to-head to determine who has the best biosensor and the best business plan. Every year, the theme of the project changes, and the SensUs organization chooses a new biomarker associated with a specific disease. We then have one year to prepare for the « Innovation Days » in Eindhoven, Netherlands. During this week in Eindhoven, our biosensor is tested, and we pitch to different juries who evaluate our business plan and creativity. Read more about it.

Ongoing project

The current iteration of the SensUs project is focusing on the continuous detection of kidney failure. This is achieved by measuring the concentration of creatinine in blood. Our 2024 competition team is working on different technologies to find the best way of achieving this goal. Through our partner laboratories, they are investigating optical and electrochemical sensing techniques and developing wearable electronics and microfluidics platforms. In parallel, they are interviewing doctors and other relevant stakeholders to understand how to integrate such a system in the current medical system.

How to join

The 2025 iteration of the SensUs competition will begin in September 2024 and end in September 2025. We are looking for motivated students in their masters or finishing their bachelors degree. To join our competition team and represent EPFL during SensUs 2025, reach out to us explaining why the project interests you and how you can contribute. We are always on the lookout for motivated students, so come and discover the field of biosensing!


Disease: TBI

Biomarker: GFAP

Group picture of the 2023 team


Disease: Sepsis

Biomarker: Interleukin-6

Picture of the 2022 EPFL team when they won


Disease: Influenza A

Biomarker: Hemagglutinin

Picture of the 2021 EPFL team
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