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Acting Committee
Julian Bar portrait
Julian Bär


MSc. Neuro-X

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Arthur Eglin


MSc. Life Sciences

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Marin Bricq


MSc. Robotics

Prof. Hatice Altug portrait
Prof. Hatice Altug

Academic referent

Full professor, BIOS laboratory

Ali Elmorsy portrait
Ali Elmorsy

Head Coach

MSc. Microengineering

Bettina Weber portrait
Bettina Weber

Head of External Affairs

MSc. Life Sciences

Aleksei Kudrinskii portrait
Aleksei Kudrinskii

Competition Team Captain

MSc. Neuro-X

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Maximilian Grobbelaar

Competition Team Captain

MSc. Neuro-X

SensUs competition, main event
Competition Team

The 2024 competition team is a group of driven students from different technical backgrounds. Wish them luck building their biosensor!

Antoine Violet, Electronics, MSc. Neuro-X

Cyrill Reding, Bio-assay, BSc. Life Sciences

Ekin Özberk, Electrochemistry, MSc. Microengineering

Emile Caillol, Microfluidics, MSc. Microengineering

Emi Myzeqari, System Engineer, MSc. Life Sciences

Jennifer Joey, System Engineer, MSc. Life Sciences

Laetitia Schwitter, Business, MSc. Life Sciences

Nina Bodenstab, Electronics, MSc. Robotics

Pia Rosenkranz, Bio-assay team, BSc. Life Sciences

Sascha Rivera, Electronics, MSc. Electronics

Skander Ben Messaoud, Optical sensing, MSc. Microengineering

Competition Coaches

The competition team is coached by students having already participated in a previous iteration. They help the team define timelines and advise on technical and administrative issues.

Ali Elmorsy, Head Coach, MSc. Microengineering

Méline Crétegny, Business and bio-assay, MSc. Life Sciences

Prasanna Surana, Microfluidics and packaging, MSc. Microengineering

Bettina Weber, Business and bio-assay, MSc. Life Sciences

Marin Bricq, Software and electronics, MSc. Robotics

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These documents, in French, are the legal basis of the association in accordance with the Swiss law.

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